Search Engine Optimization and Analytics

Our solutions are poised and ready to leverage the full spectrum of search engine optimization.


Understand and shape visitor traffic with search engine optimization and web analytics. SEO involves a series of techniques focused on improving your website’s visibility on top search engines, thereby driving more traffic to your site. Analytics allow you to collect, measure, and analyze web traffic to see who's viewing what on your site, how they're getting there, and what content interests them the most.


COMAND Solutions combines the latest technology and best practices to ensure your site is properly optimized for search engines before it’s launched. Once your site is up and running, it's easy to update content in webCOMAND to help you to maintain and grow your search engine ranking.

These techniques include the use of meta tags and keywords, frequently updated content, and growing back-links.

  • Construct a clean site architecture utilizing proper URL structure and clear navigation.
  • Optimize images with descriptive file names and useful tags.
  • Integrate strong keywords with well organized and effective content.

» Learn more about the factors that affect search engine optimization with our SEO Ranking Factors diagram.

Website Analytics

COMAND Solutions supports and integrates with a variety of web analytics tools including Google Analytics, WebTrends and other enterprise and open-source analytics tools.

Beyond standard analytics platforms, we build custom analytics solutions tailored for the data your company needs. Any website hosted by COMAND Solutions is built to generate detailed log files. With our log file analysis tools, we can determine where visitors are coming from, how often they return, and how they navigate through a site. 

Our custom analytics solutions provide server-side insight. Site performance metrics including page load speed, down-time, traffic capacity, and fail-over help guide sound business decisions to optimize your technology resources and improve visitor experience.

SEO Audit

With an SEO Audit from COMAND Solutions, we interpret your website analytics and investigate your website to check for potential optimization issues and prepare a list of suggestions for improvement.

We look for possible HTML improvements such as meta description, title tags and non-indexable content. In addition, our SEO experts explore the overall health of your site to detect any crawl errors. We analyze where your current visitors are coming from to help identify opportunities for increased traffic.