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P&A Group Launches a new website!

P&A Group Launches a new website!

Working with The Martin Group, COMAND Solutions has provided P&A Group, a third-party administrator, with both a desktop and mobile solution.


BUFFALO, NY - P&A Group, a third-party benefits administrator, has launched a new website that features both desktop and mobile versions.The website was designed by The Martin Group and developed by COMAND Solutions, using the webCOMAND Content Management System (CMS). COMAND Solutions worked with The Martin Group to help P&A create a useful website that employee, employers, brokers, and advisors could all utilize. The site features multiple account logins which are integrated with P&A’s internal systems. COMAND Solutions also worked on P&A’s backend administration systems to keep a consistent look and feel for users across all systems and websites.

Using COMAND Solutions powerful content management system, webCOMAND, P&A is able to reach both mobile and desktop users by automatically detecting the device used to access the site and redirecting mobile users to a separate robust mobile site. In addition to appealing to mobile users, P&A can also edit and publish Spanish content to a Spanish version. Additionally, P&A can create and edit multiple complex forms using the webCOMAND form builder, allowing them to reach out to plan users and administrators even more.

P&A Group strives to be the most service-oriented, accessible, customer-focused third-party benefits administrator in the industry.