webCOMAND 2.63 Released

2.63 adds several login security improvements.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.63 today.  The new version adds several security improvements to comply with various regulations, standards and best practices.

Improved Security Features:

  • New security log to maintain audit trail of all login and logout activity.
  • Configurable failed login attempt handling.  Number of attempts, time-frame and time to lock out can all be configured.  Users can be manually unlocked by users with user administration authorizations.
  • Password requirements can be customized to implement specific policies.  The number of characters, types of characters and other requirements can be defined.

Enhancements for Developers:

  • New COMAND Script statement, #ARCHIVELIST, can extract and iterate through files in an archive file, such as a zip, gzip or tar file.  Each file can be processed and/or published independently with each iteration.
  • #SIZE COMAND Script statement can now automatically format the result for display in GB, KB, MB or Bytes.
  • New Import/Export option to report information about the import/export process.  For example, display what files are read and which records are updated/created/ignored to help with troubleshooting.  Multiple levels of reporting are available for more or less detail.

Other improvements:

  • Upload progress dialog automatically appears for submissions that take longer than 1 second, which typically occurs when a large file is uploaded.
  • The backup process now runs in the background to minimize down-time while a backup is created.  Downtime is typically only a few seconds and users will only notice a short pause if accessing the server at the exact moment a backup is started.
  • Other minor updates and fixes are also included.