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webCOMAND 2.61 Released

webCOMAND 2.61 Released

2.61 adds several improvements to content fields and form controls.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.61 today.  The new version adds several improvements to content fields and form controls.

  • New Timestamp field Data Type combines a date and time into a single field.
  • Improved usability of Date calendar popup, added Time selection popup and combined both for new Timestamp popup.
  • Content record submission version notes field added in Submit drop-down to allow editors to comment on changes made for that edit.  The notes are visible in the content history and content reports.
  • Apply button added to content record form toolbar to update and immediately re-open a record.  The button only appears if "Developer Features" is checked under user preferences.  This is useful when making incremental updates.
  • Added ability to configure custom log file viewers to provide System Administrators with quick access to recent entries in large log files from the System Log web interface.
  • Content Search can now quickly locate content by ID.