webCOMAND 2.59 Released

2.59 adds new features for content editors and web developers.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.59 today.  The new version adds new features for content editors and developers.

For Content Editors:

  • New color selection field allows content editors to visually select colors.
  • New image field displays makes it possible to display image thumbnails in list view.
  • Minor interface improvements to improve content form readability, usability and consistency across web browsers.

For Developers:

  • Rich Text Editor Formats and Toolbars are now processed as COMAND Script.
  • Modifications to variables within a #CONTEXT and #LIST are preserved in the namespace within a #ADD or #EDIT and New and Validate Content Type Templates, making it possible to modify embedded content record values.
  • A new experimental feature enables developers to integrate any content type into the Rich Text Editor.  Desired content types will appear in the Rich Text Editor Insert drop-down, where a content editor can select a specific content record to insert developer-coded HTML in the editor and for publishing.  As a result, content editors can easily insert custom image, slideshow, feed and other content into the flow of their text in a modular and portable way.
  • New $PublicationFolderID and $DestinationFolderID global values available from COMAND Script when publishing a Publication and Destination.
  • New System Diagnostics feature will detect and remove orphaned dependencies in the database.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Publication Destination dependencies are now cleaned up properly when a new publish is started.
  • Periodic task durations reported in the System Log have been corrected.
  • Database is now unlocked while Files storage utilization is calculated because it can take a significant amount of time for large file repositories.
  • COMAND Script Rich Text Line fields are now properly recognized as COMAND Script variables when processed in COMAND Script.
  • Improved whitespace removal around COMAND Script statements and within variable assignments.
  • Rich Text Editor customization is now possible for more than the first Rich Text Editor within a content type from the Content Folder Settings page.
  • Single and list reference fields in embedded content records now "stick" upon form submission.
  • Validate content type templates can alter embedded content records and references for submission.
  • Import Procedures now detect changes to reference fields inside embedded content records and perform a resulting update.
  • If an auto-publish failed due to a remote server connection issue, it previosly would attempt to re-publish repeatedly until it could connect, potentially repeatedly emailing many error reports.  Auto-publish will now wait until the next auto-publish cycle before retry.