webCOMAND 2.58 Released

2.58 is a minor update to refine and fix a few new features.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.58 today.  The new version is a minor update that to refine and fix a couple of new features introduced in the previous version.

  • Client-side validation now works properly when applied to multiple fields on the same content form.
  • The correct folders are searched for matching content when a Publication Destination is set to a different top-level folder than the Publication.
  • Rich Text Editor insert tables feature fixed to work with a recent update to IE8 that caused a problem.  General Rich Text Editor selection and cursor positioning has also been improved in IE6+.

Finally, a new configuration option, HTTPTimeout, can be defined in setup.pm to control the HTTP request timeout duration, including those initiated from imports and the #INCLUDE COMAND Script statement.