webCOMAND 2.57 Released

2.57 adds significant new features for web developers.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.57 today.  The new version adds significant new features for web developers.

  • Publication Lists now support free-form SQL queries similar to the #SQL COMAND Script statement.
  • New #FILE COMAND Script statements make it easier to perform common file system operations such as testing for the existence of files, getting the size, mode/permissions and modification time of a files and the ability to copy, move and delete.  Operations can be performed on local and remote files via FTP, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Content Types can be flagged for different types of replication (none, to disk and to memory) upon publish to optimize publish times.
  • Content Types can be flagged to enable and disable backup to reducing backup sizes for content types that do not need to be backed up (ie. they may be automatically generated or recreated by the publish process).

Other improvements and fixes include:

  • System Manager Notification response times are now logged.
  • Folder names that contain HTML characters are now displayed properly in the Files folder in the folder hierarchy.
  • System Log entries are no longer created if nothing needs to be reported.
  • Content record form validation now handles embedded content lists properly for new content record submissions that do not have any sub-content.