webCOMAND 2.56 Released

2.56 introduces centralized system management for a collection of servers.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.56 today.  The new version introduces centralized system management for a collection of servers.  Each system in a collection can be configured to report to a central system, which can track, monitor and manage the collection as a whole or by defined or arbitrary groupings.  Publication Procedures can produce dashboards or integrate with third-party tracking, monitoring or other systems.

Other improvements and fixes include:

  • The backup system now offers an additional retention option to maintain backups for a longer period of time with a limited backup archive.  The new option will utilize the first half of all backups for the last several daily backups, then half of what remains for weekly backups, then half of what remains for monthly backups and finally what remains for yearly backups.
  • The System Log now retains certain types of logged information longer than others based on their frequency and importance.  The minimum number of days can also be configured.
  • When a server becomes too busy processing requests, a "Retry" page will automatically resubmit a form and all values including files.  An issue that caused rich text editor contents to be improperly encoded upon resubmission has been fixed.
  • Rich Text Editor Format drop-down customization now accepts lower-case tags in the Formats field of the Rich Text Editor Configuration form.
  • Publishing UTF8 characters via FTP has been fixed (SFTP was already working correctly).
  • Import/Export procedures now write binary data, such as images, to fields properly in some unique cases.
  • The SQL Console now display SELECT SQL query results properly when the query is preceeded by whitespace.