webCOMAND 2.51 Released

2.51 improves Rich Text Editor customization and Clean HTML functionality.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.51 today.  The new version is a minor update that improves the Rich Text Editor customization and clean functionality.

  • Rich Text Editor Customization Improvements - The Format drop-down can be further customized to hide and override the predefined formats.  The ability to define tag-based formats, such as h1 tags has also been added.  Further, Format titles can be styled in the drop-down to illustrate how styled text will appear in the editor.
  • Rich Text Editor Clean HTML Improvements - A new "Remove unknown classes" option has been added to the Clean HTML options, replacing "Remove all classes" as the default.  When this new option is enabled, all classes in not defined in the Format drop-down will be removed.
  • #EDIT COMAND Script statement Updated - It is now possible to edit content locked/opened by a user, if that same user is the one publishing/processing the script used to edit the content.

A number of minor improvements and fixes are also included:

  • Clean Word button added to default Rich Text Editor toolbar to provide faster access to this commonly used feature.
  • Any number of content records can be reordered in list view.  An issue in Internet Explorer 7 made the previous limit especially low due to limitations in GET query string length.  A POST request is now used instead.
  • The system administrator is now emailed if the random number generator fails to produce a random number.  This can happen on some Linux systems if /dev/urandom is not configured properly, but can be easily fixed by a system administrator.