webCOMAND 2.50 Released

2.50 improves email import functionality and the #FORMAT COMAND Script statement and fixes a number of minor issues.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.50 today.  The new version is a minor update that improves email import functionality and the #FORMAT COMAND Script statement.

  • Email Import Improvements - Header and Source COMAND Script variables have been added for direct access to email headers and original source, before the headers are decoded into fields and the message parts are MIME decoded.
  • #FORMAT COMAND Script statement - A number of additional date formats are now excepted in addition to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format, making it easier to decode and format timestamps in just about every common format including Sitemaps, RSS Feeds and other XML formats.

A number of minor improvements and fixes are also included:

  • New Rich Text Editor debug feature added to help track down issues and speed up future feature development.
  • New "Check Content Type Fields" Database Diagnostic check added to System Diagnostics tool to find and correct missing or invalid content type field permissions.
  • Rich Text Editor custom stylesheet now applied when no text was initially in editor.
  • Rich Text Editor now handles link creation correctly in IE7 and IE8.
  • Rich Text Editor selection handling improved to encompass desired/visible selection, instead of browser selection which may have had the selection start/end points in unexpected nodes.
  • Rich Text Editor Popup View now displays custom toolbars, styles and classes consistent with the standard form field.
  • Built-in content types are now initialized with proper field permissions.