webCOMAND 2.49 Released

2.49 adds #FILE COMAND Script statement, improves file format support and backup reliability.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.49 today.  The new version is a minor update that adds the #FILE COMAND Script statement and improves file format support and backup reliability.

  • New #FILE COMAND Script statement - Provides information about a file or file data, such as a file's MIME type, extension and human-readable file type title.
  • Support for additional file types - Content form file upload fields (with the browse button) now provide better support for viewing Microsoft Office and other file types directly within the web browser when possible.
  • Backup Reliability Improvements - The automatic backup process will now detect if the server date is changed to a dramatically different future or past date  and continue to produce automatic backups.  If detected, the system administrator is emailed in case further action is required.
  • "Terminate" search and publish task option requires authorization - A user must now have Publication Administrator or System Administrator authorization to access the "Terminate" feature.  This feature could easily be misused, so it now requires explicit authorization.

A number of minor improvements and fixes are also included:

  • The Date field calendar will now popup in the correct location if the form area has been scrolled.
  • Administrators are now correctly emailed about a dead auto-update publish, which resulted in previously resulted in repeated emails to the system administrator email address.
  • The username of the user that started a publish was incorrectly displayed in publication reports.
  • Rich Text Editor customizations are now applied even when no text exists for the customized field.