webCOMAND 2.47 Released

2.47 adds scripted field initialization and validation along with new content form layout controls.


COMAND Solutions released webCOMAND 2.47 today.  Scripted field initialization and validation have been added along with new content form layout controls.

Scripted field initialization occurs when new content records are opened.  Fields can be dynamically assigned initial values based on simple logic or complex business rules.


Scripted field validation occurs upon content submission.  Fields can pass through a scripted validation process based on simple logic or complex business rules.  For example, image dimensions can be validated for an image upload field.  If the image is too wide, it can be automatically scaled down.  If it is too narrow, the contributor can be notified and submission prevented.  More complex validations can enforce a valid combination of field values, test against other records, send emails or start processes upon detected triggers.


Content form layout can now include headings, comments, groupings and dynamic tabs to improve organization of complex records.


A number of minor improvements and fixes are also included:

  • Content Type Titles added for more user-friendly titles in the web interface.
  • Content Type Summary template can define custom scripted content record summaries in the web interface.
  • System Diagnostics can now be run as a background task to check, fix and report on very large content repositories.
  • Publication Value's value field has been changed from a text line to a text box, to allow multi-line values and easier management of long interpreted values.
  • Task Reports updated to support UTF8 encoded characters.
  • Issue preventing export to external SQL databases in some cases has been fixed.