webCOMAND 2.46 Released

2.46 improves content record forms with validation and field-level authorizations.


COMAND Solutions today released webCOMAND 2.46.  New form validation and authorization functionality has been added to content record forms.


  • Field validations alert users to invalid values and prevent form submission until all fields contain valid values.
  • Field authorizations enable control over which content type fields are visible and editable by users.
  • Users and administrators can receive email alerts if a publication unexpectedly terminates (user terminated in webCOMAND, terminated at operating system level, or terminated by server restart or crash).

A number of minor improvements and fixes are also included:

  • Usernames and user role titles are now included in the publication report error displayed when the report can not be emailed due to an invalid email address or other error.
  • Rich Text Editor Link/Unlink options now properly display/remove links when the text cursor is positioned within link text (without a selection) in Internet Explorer 7+ (other versions and browsers already worked this way).
  • Rich Text Editor cursor focus is now returned to the editor after an toolbar option is clicked.
  • Improved content record deletion speed when multiple items are selected.