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webCOMAND 2.44 Released

webCOMAND 2.44 Released

2.44 improves system administration and audit functionality.


COMAND Solutions today released webCOMAND 2.44.  New system adminstration and audit and reporting features have been added.


  • System Log interface improved with new search and filter functionality.
  • A more comprehensive user activity audit trail is recorded to the system log.  New activities include Publication Value, List and Procedure edits, Publication and Destination edits, content history record removals.
  • Content Log browser has been added to Content Reports.
  • New database diagnostic check "Check for Invalid Content Logs".
  • New Disabled checkbox added to User records making it possible to retain a user's passwords and authorizations when they are disabled.

The Rich Text Editor has also been improved with new and updated Clean HTML options:

  • Remove <style> blocks
  • Remove <xml> blocks
  • Remove <form> blocks
  • Remove <col> blocks
  • Remove <head> blocks
  • Remove <link> tags
  • Remove <img> tags
  • Remove <meta> tags
  • Remove table formats
  • Remove table/cell widths
  • Remove TOC anchors

A number of minor features have also been improved and fixed:

  • A publish warning is no longer displayed when a publication procedure does not produce a filename or content.  This makes it possible to skip file production without generating a publication warning.  A warning will still be produced if file content is produced with no filename, or no file content but a filename.
  • Updated #IMAGE Composite method to work with the improved error checking of ImageMagick 2.2 and greater.  Without this fix, an error is displayed if no gravity value is specified.
  • Improved speed of content record deletion when multiple records are selected.
  • Internal COMAND Script processor will keep consistent internal representation of script when global variables are updated from a plain-text value to a COMAND Script processed value within an inner scope.