webCOMAND 2.43 Released

2.43 improves publication reporting features and fixes several issues.


COMAND Solutions today released webCOMAND 2.43.  New publication reporting features have been added.


  • Email Errors, Warnings, Notes and Always options added to User Roles.  When checked, an email will be sent to the User Role email address and users assigned to that role when an Auto-Update publishes with errors, warnings, notes or always respectively.
  • New #WARNING COMAND Script statement allows a scripts to produce a publish warning, which warns publishers of potential issues, but does not prevent publishing like the #ERROR COMAND Script statement.
  • #DEBUG text is now converted to HTML, so line feeds appear with <br />s in the publication report.
  • New "NormalizeWhitespace" text processor added to #TEXT COMAND Script statement to eliminate unneccessary whitespace
  • Changed Publication List Filter field from a Text Line to a Text Box.
  • New "Rich Text Line" and "COMAND Script Rich Text Line" content type field types, which display clean action button to the right of the field.  Text Line fields no longer display the clean action to the right.

A number of minor issues have also been fixed:

  • File upload fields no longer display too wide in Firefox and IE.
  • Publication Destination Titles added back to Publication Reports
  • A note is now displayed in the alert bar and red dot in list view when a recursive hierarchy exists, to notify the user it exists and display records that would not otherwise display in the hierarchy.
  • Detect, cache and display complex recursive hierarchies in content record summary text.