webCOMAND 2.42 Released

2.42 improves plain- and rich-text form inputs with new clean-up options.


COMAND Solutions today released webCOMAND 2.42.  New improvements two the plain- and rich-text form inputs make it easy to clean-up text pasted into the fields.


  • New option appears to the right of designated text line fields to clean-up non-standard plain-text characters such as left and right quotes.  Clicking the clean-up button will convert non-standard characters to the standard equivelent.
  • Substantial improvements to the rich-text clean-up HTML control, which include new clean-up of Microsoft Word 2007 codes and the ability to select the specific types of codes you would like to clean-up.
  • New #TEXT COMAND Script statement adds text processing features to change text character encodings and programatically tab indent blocks of text.

An auto-update issue has also been fixed:

  • If an auto-update failed/crashed/died, the system will automatically detected and recover from the issue, eliminating the need for manual system administror intervention.