webCOMAND 2.40 Released

2.40 adds MySQL 5 database support for improved UTF8 support.


COMAND Solutions today released webCOMAND 2.40.  Support for MySQL 5 (the database backend) has been added leading to improved UTF8 support.  UTF8 support already existed in webCOMAND, but the database still stored text in the Latin1 character set and converted between Latin1 and UTF8 on the fly.  Data is now stored in the database in UTF8 format, which is cleaner and more efficient on the backend.

A few minor bugs were also fixed:

  • Upload/browse form field did not work in some circumstances.
  • New publish drop-down did not always update the default when "default" checkbox was checked.
  • Variable references within a #LIST COMAND Script block could produce incorrect results if the variable name was for a field that was a COMAND Script variable defined before entering into the #LIST block.
  • Toolbar buttons would display twice in some circumstances.