webCOMAND 2.38 Released

2.38 cleans up the web interface and fixes a number of minor bugs.


COMAND Solutions today released webCOMAND 2.38.  This new release improves web interface usability with a few subtle changes, including clearer buttons, shading of inactive rich-text editors when a popup is active.

Web form drop-downs that list content moved a folder outside the scope of allowed folders for that field now append "(outside reference)" to the end of the item.

A number of minor fixes are also included with this release:

  • Back-reference fields display correctly when returning to the working copy of a top-level content record.
  • Rich-text editor link target representation now works in Firefox 3 (icon was not visible for link targets that did not contain text).
  • Content titles cached in the web interface now update properly when the title contains a reference to other sub-records within a single field.
  • Top-level folders are no longer displayed twice in the folder tree if a user is only permitted to access content in just that top-level folder.