webCOMAND 2.32 Released

2.32 improves file management and introduces an evaluation COMAND Script statement.


COMAND Solutions today released webCOMAND 2.32.  The latest version of webCOMAND features improvements to file management functionality to make it easier to view, download and remove uploaded files.  File Data fields in content records now provide a link to view or download uploaded file data.  A new remove button makes it easier to remove uploaded file data from a field.  File Data fields may also be included in content list views to display the file size and a link to view or download the file.  File view, under the Files folder in the folder tree, now provides Browse and Download links making it possible to download any file and quickly view files available from a publication.


A new #EVAL COMAND Script statement has been introduced to enable scripts to process any variable as COMAND Script.  This is particularly useful for processing the results of a #SQL statement.  Additionally, the #INCLUDE statement has been enhanced with a second optional parameter used to suppress and control error handling when a file is not accessible to be included.

A number of minor improvements and bug fixes are also included with this release:

  • Added ability to publish unicode (UTF8) XML files
  • Edit link now appears in search results for non-administrative users
  • Calendar pop-up fix for Date fields
  • Dynamic hierarchy tree in list view now displays nodes with a parent not in the same folder, and highlights them with a red dot for a visual notification.