webCOMAND 2.29 Released

2.29 features improvements for developers.


COMAND Solutions today released webCOMAND 2.29.  The latest version of webCOMAND features improvements to the #ADD and #EDIT COMAND Script Statements which make it easier for developers to manipulate content records.  It is now possible to set content record fields that reference a list of external content records.  Additionally, changes made with these statements are now immediately accessible for subsequent processing during the publication process.

The "Code" format has been added to the rich text editor's Format toolbar drop-down to produce HTML code tags around selected text.  The code format is especially useful when authoring technical documentation.

Finally, an issue introduced in version 2.28 which added a line-feed to the top of the HTML code each time "View HTML" was clicked in the rich text editor has been fixed.