webCOMAND 2.26 Released

2.26 adds composite, fill, draw, B&W and size functionality to the new image processing tool set.


webCOMAND version 2.26 builds on the new #IMAGE COMAND Script  statement introduced in the previous version.  New image processing functionality includes:

  • Composite - combine multiple images into a new image
  • Color - fill an image area with a new color
  • ColorFloodFill - fill an image area with a new color
  • Draw - draw primitive graphics, such as points, rectangles, circles, arcs and curves, on top of an image
  • GreyScale - turn a color image into a greyscale image
  • Size - adjust the width and height of an image without scaling the existing image, to make room for further processing

A minor issue was also fixed so that non-SELECT querires called from the #SQL statement are ignored by the dependancy tracking system, which used to cause some queries to run twice.