webCOMAND 2.16 Released

New COMAND Script statements and web interface improvements.


Version 2.16 includes the following updates:

  • Add: Enable Content Type import from any folder or a specific folder
  • Add: #PATHTYPE( Relative| Absolute | Root ) ... #ENDPATHTYPE
  • Add: #PATHBASE( Path ) ... #ENDPATHBASE
  • Add: New system check to identify and remove "invalid references" in the database
  • Add: Non-WYSIWYG Text Box fields now use a mono-spaced font, which is easier to read when typing "plain-text".
  • Fix: #DEBUG and #NOTE support fixed for import/export filters
  • Fix: Draft content can no longer be selected for references until the draft has been submitted (and approved, if required).
  • Fix: Fixed JavaScript error when deleting certain files from the Files folder.