webCOMAND 1.31 Released

WYSIWYG editor introduced to make editing HTML easy.


Version 1.31 adds WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editing when using Internet Explorer version 5 or greater. Content authors and editors can now use a word-processor style editor to format text. Additionally, text formatting is preserved when copying and pasting between the WYSIWYG HTML editor and windows applications.


Other feature additions include:

  • #PERL ... #ENDPERL template command has been added for interpreting enclosed text as a Perl script. All top-level webCOMAND variables are accessible in the block as regular Perl variables.
  • Theme files that customize the user interface to match an organizations brand or corporate web site.
  • Content list queries (filters and orders) now support sub-content and content reference fields for more complex queries.
  • #INSERT and #CONTEXT commands now match on content in the closest related content group to resolve content with identical values.