Client Portals

Easily share protected information with your clients and partners.


An extranet is a website that is secured or password-protected and designed exclusively for employees, partners, or customers to conduct company business. Sometimes referred to as a “Client Portal,” an extranet built by COMAND can help you:

Control Access & Content Delivery: Grant authorization through custom sign-up forms, and sign-in and verification processes.  You can also assign editorial approval and distribution rights to individual users, and provide and limit access to confidential documents, pricing, policies, and more.

Control Design: Create a client portal on your main website that accesses an extranet matching the look and feel of your organization's brand.

Protect Your Data: Rest assured that your customer's and your company's data are secure through firewalls, user authentication, encryption, and state-of-the-art security software.

Integrate It All Seamlessly: Our extranet solutions can incorporate your existing back-office software and data.

Access Secure Hosting: We provide a full range of secure hosting options, from shared website hosting to dedicated, fully redundant, multi-facility Tier-1 hosting.